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We believe that Landscape Design synergizes the needs and limitations of the site, the architectural features of the home, the context of the environment, and the expressed desires of each unique client. Then, in applying the principles of design, we work through the process to create the best assignment of space, circulation flow, materials selection, and site programming as possible, and create your very own dynamic outdoor living environment.

Whether you are a client with great vision, or a client who needs more vision but has a list of goals and objectives, we can illustrate our ideas in the design with a variety of techniques and tools. We can provide you with hand drawings, photo-imaging techniques, computerized models, or rendered CAD design plans. It is all about you, and what is best for you to see in order to get what you want from the project. We want to ensure that the vision is clear before the project begins.

The Design Process

Design Consultation-Step 1.

Wanvig Landscaping will first arrange a time to meet at your home or property for an initial consultation. We will plan to spend approximately 60 to 90 minutes discussing your landscaping project and touring your property.

Tell us your dreams! In this discussion, we love to hear about all of the issues you have with your landscape. So please, don't hold back! Prepare to describe all of the things you like, and dislike, about your current landscape. Then, tell us about the needs, wants, and desires you have for your property. Tell us how you, your family, your pets, and your friends want to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Let's talk budget! If you can please tell us what your level of investment will be, we can calibrate our discussions and designs toward your budget and be good stewards of your investment.

Let's show you what we can do! Wanvig Landscaping will show you how we can help; we will go through some of the projects we done in the past, the materials we have to work with, and the tools we use in taking you through the design process. We want to collaborate with you and include you in the design, we want to get to work for you!

Let's collaborate! We want you to see your thoughts and ideas articulated into the best design possible. We pride ourselves in our ability to embellish your thoughts and ideas into a comprehensive planthat takes things to a whole new level. We want to amaze you with how the creative process in working with the principles of design can apply to your space.

Welcome to Wanvig Landscaping, we look forward to working with you!

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