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Pondless water features are designed for minimal maintenance; they are designed with re-circulating waterfalls and/or streams for the effect of the flowing water. Being that the "Pondless" water feature has no pond, the maintenance is minimal compared to a water feature designed with a pond in terms of constantly needing to deal with the ecosystem of the water body.

The cost of a pondless water feature is typically less than having a pond because it takes less stone/rock and less labor to construct the feature, and reduces the amount of water treatment needed. Also the safety concerns are very minimal since there is no pond associated with pondless water feature. If you decide in the future to add the pond, this can be modified if we make sure that there is enough room near the base of the waterfall for a pond expansion to handle the volume of water.

Although exceptionally beautiful, ponds will require some extra work. However this often becomes the most prominent feature showcased in the garden, and a place to incorporate more exotic plants and bring the enjoyment of having koi fish as family pets. With garden ponds, proper flow to skim off the floating debris is needed, and an effective filtration of the fine particles is required, as well as a balance of healthy bacteria and pH balance to counter the formation of algae. Water plants and koi fish can provide significant assistance and benefits to this ecosystem.

Another key ingredient to the pond is replacing water loss due to evaporation, as ponds can easily lose an inch from the surface area on a summer day. This can easily be resolved with an auto-fill system installed through the irrigation. Once you get the ecosystem established and the details down, garden ponds bring a wonderful life and appeal to the landscape that captures the imagination.

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